Celebrity Thursday: Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay may not have much talent or may not contribute anything to society, but what she is is a papparazzi mganet.

Just this week I had a situation where there was an opportunity
for a major placement for one of my clients in one of the top celebrity magazines.  The problem was that while some celebrities are fans of the brand, none were photographed wearing them so we missed the opportunity.  The fact is that if you are going to gift celebrities make sure the celebrities are among those that are photographed often and sought after by paps.

Another way to leverage your seeding if you don’t have images, is to ask for a signed thank you note that you can scan and post on your site and send to celebrity magazine editors.  Without an image of the celebrity wearing your product or note, it’s slim chances for getting in the high-profile celebrity magazines. So while Lindsay may not be “academy” material, she is perfect for seeding efforts:

Lindsay Lohan
c/o Jason Weinberg
Untitled Entertainment
1801 Century Park East Suite #700
Los Angeles CA 90067
Phone: 310-601-2100
FAX: 310-601-2344


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