Give It Away

I was at a wonderful event this week on behalf of a couple of my clients who sponsored the gift bags.  In the gift bags, we gave away samples and a wonderful canvas bag.  Everyone loved it.  The fact is people just LOVE to receive anything for free.  It makes them happy and also ingratiates them to your brand.  If you can, try and give away products and gifts at every opportunity.  Here are some ways:

You can do so at trade shows as part of a giveaway which will definitely drive traffic to your booth.

You can also host events and sponsor gift bags like we did at our event.  There are tons of promotional items that you can produce for such events.  Canvas bags are very popular but there are tons of other ideas including steel water bottles, pen holders, tee shirts…you name it.  Basically, any product can be made into a promotional item.

And of course you can give away samples of your products which introduces them to your brand and will hopefully convert them into a loyal customer.

So give products away and in the process you may gain a stable of new, loyal customers.  It pays to be generous!!

Have a wonderful weekend and see you Tuesday…no Daily Buzz on Monday in observance of July 4th Independence Holiday.


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