Buzz-Worthy: Evoke Intimates

Not to get too personal…but have any of you ever worn bamboo undies?  Well, I just had the pleasure of trying Evoke Intimates’ undies for the first time and I can confidently say they are literally the most comfortable, stretchy, fabulous feeling, luxurious undies I have ever worn.  To top it off they are super sexy and, did I mention, made of eco-friendly, sustainable bamboo.  Who would have thought that one of the strongest plants on Earth could be made into something so soft and supple.  Absolutely unbelievable.  Okay, I’m gushing.

Here are some fun facts about Evoke Intimates and bamboo.  BTW, Evoke Intimates is based on proven mood enhancement theory inspired by color therapy.  Put on one of their undies and get uplifted, literally.

They use only enviro-friendly bamboo fabric because of its superior ecological performance and sensory benefits over other fibers.
-Renewable-Grows FAST
-100% sustainably grown
-Grows naturally – no pesticides or fertilizers
-Minimal water/land footprint
-Absorbs carbon dioxide
-Releases more oxygen
-Requires little water to grow.

As far as the Evoke Intimates Undies, they are:
-Incredibly soft and silky (the “other” cashmere)
-Body temp regulator (cools when hot, warms when cool)
-Wicks moisture, dries faster
-Naturally hypo-allergenic

Need I say more?  For more information on Evoke Intimates (they have super great gift sets as well so you can share the miracle), go to http://www.evokeintimates.com.


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