Media Wednesday: EcoStiletto

I spoke last week about giveaways and their importance in cultivating a following of loyal customers.  One of the ways you can do giveaways is also via the press.  These days every blog seems to have some kind of giveaway for their readers.  Bloggers like it because it reinforces the loyalty of their audience and companies like it because it gives them free exposure.  One of those blogs is EcoStiletto.  EcoStiletto, as the name implies, covers all things eco yet oh so stylish — showing us that you can be eco-minded without comprimising on style and good taste.  And you don’t have to have products that are certified organic to be considered.  If you are all natural, eco-friendly or use sustainable materials, then you qualify given that your products also look good.

What sort of products?  Pretty much anything goes: shoes, bags, jewelry, health and beauty products, etc.

They have a monthly featured giveaway which is accompanied by a nice write up on the brand.  My client Coclico is the brand for July.   Check out the profile/feature here http://www.ecostiletto.com/coclico.  They also have an “EcoSwag Giveaway” every single week so there’s definitely plenty of opportunity to be in the game.    And yes, they have a ton of readers and over 27,000 subscribers to their newsletter.  Definitely a blog to have on your target list.

To be considered for one of their featured monthly giveaways or weekly “EcoSwag Giveaway” send an email with images within the message (no attachments) to:

Spread the Buzz:  Hey, can you all do me a favor?  Can you all pass this Buzz along to atleast one person you think might benefit.  There are tons of entrepreneurs/small business owners out there in need of some Buzz.  Please pass along to one friend or as many as you can think of.  Thanks so much!!


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