VNRs and Corporate Videos

Video News Release or VNRs have been around for a long time and are a very effective PR tool.  However, they are coming under fire since many news stations use the videos and claim it as real “news” without letting the public know that it was a video produced and paid for by a product or service company.  The good news is that TV stations do rely on them to fill in news gaps and many are produced so well that you really can’t tell that it is a promotional video. And that’s the point.  The best VNRs are those that are designed to look and sound just like a news segment.  There are scores of VNR companies out there so you will have no problem finding one to meet your needs.  They can be pretty costly though.

You can also produce some highly-stylized videos that you can use on your website, at trade shows and post on You Tube. In fact, sites like YouTube are so successful because they allow viewers to pass their favorite videos to friends, post on social media sites and even upload to their own websites — effectively extending the reach of the video.  And folks aren’t just watching online, they are also downloading and taking it with them on their iPod, iPhones, Playstation, you name it.

Search on YouTube for VNRs or corporate videos or just plug in a major brand and a ton of videos will come up for you to check out.  Here’s one I like from Burberry highlighting their closing of London Fashion Week:  Burberry Closes London Fashion Week.
And even popular blogs like Daily Candy are getting in on the fun.  They continue to feature videos every week to their audience of millions.  Check out last week’s video feature here http://www.dailycandy.com/online/video.  In addition, new companies like Holstee are producing videos of products they are selling on their site.  More on Holstee and their videos this week.

Will be providing video tips all week so stay tuned!


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