Back to Basics Monday: Press Kits

A press kit may have evolved by becoming web-based, in DVD format, etc. but no matter its medium, it’s still one of the most essential elements of PR yet many companies do not have one. Or if one is put together, it’s usually out of date or missing some essential documents.  Below is a rundown of what your press kit should include:

Backgrounder on the company and founders — one to two page description of the company, benefits of products, differentiation from competitors, relevant experience of founders, etc.

Press Releases — include press releases on new product launches, recent events, new technology…any news relevant to your company, industry and market.

LookBook/Catalog — If you are a manufacturer, consumer products company, designer or anyone that has a product to sell, then you need a catalog or lookbook in a clean, attractive design.  For a services company, including a description of your services in a fact sheet is ideal.

Hi Res Images — Another must if you are a product company is to include a disc with professional, hi res images of your products.  The media, particularly newspaper, blog and trade editors, frequently request hi res images to accompany articles featuring your products.

Extra Credit — You will receive bonus points if you also include any recent press coverage, articles, testimonials, etc.  Basically, beyond the essentials above, you can include anything you feel will enhance the media’s knowledge of your company.


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