Buzz-Worthy: Beecology

Products made from beeswax, well that’s what I call Buzz Worthy, literally! Beecology is a family business focused on producing a line of natural skin and hair products. This self-proclaimed “outdoorsy” family decided to launch this business as a result of making their own honey. You see making honey apparently produces lots of excess beeswax and instead of just discarding the wax, the ever-resourceful and eco-minded family decided to make products from it. Candles were too mundance for them so they opted for a series of skin and hair care products, much to our benefit. The line includes essential oil nourishing soaps, preservative free body washes, sulfate-free hair care products, antioxidant creams and their first product, lip balm. It’s an extensive line and I’ve had the pleasure of using the body and hair products and they are nothing short of remarkable. I just love wholesome products that are lovingly made by people who care — they also donate 10% of net profits to the customers’ charity of choice. What I also love about the company aside from their caring spirit and devotion to natural, eco-friendly products, is that they also have a savvy business sense and know how to market their products. Evidence is right in the name and the packaging — two things I am a stickler about. So, I think Beecology is on its way to being a major presence in the natural health and beauty market. I’m certainly sold! For more information and to purchase, go to http://www.beecology.com.


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