Buzz-Worthy: BodyVerde

Without sounding like a broken record I like products that are eco-conscious, but, if they don’t work like they say they will, then what’s the point.  There are companies out there though that are making earth-friendly, healthy products that actually come through on their promises such as Body Verde.  Their most recent creation is this little bottle above of shaving cream.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not your ordinary shaving cream.  It’s called EZ Waterless Shave, a waterless shaving cream (there’s water in it but you don’t need water to use it) is made from natural ingredients including chamomile, olive oil, green tea and aloe.  So not only is it made from all natural products, it also saves water.  Double bonus eco points!

I got to try it and I was impressed.  It goes on just like a lotion and the result is a quick, smooth shave without chemicals and that soothes skin to boot.  The excess lotion can be rubbed right into skin as a moisturizer that also acts to prevent irritation and bumps.

The company has been busy building buzz for their products including writing an e-report titled, The Secret to Beautiful Skin: 10 REasons to Choose Natural Skin Care Products for You and Your Family, that you can receive if you sign up for the quarterly newsletter.  That’s good marketing!


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