Media Wednesday: T Magazine

One of the most influential fashion magazines arguably is T Magazine.  In 2004 T Magazine was launched as a supplement devoted totally to style.  Published 15 times a year, it’s a bellweather for fashion and trends in the sophisticated manner of the New York Times.  And now it’s also the subject of much media buzz given that Vogue’s long-time fashion and features editor, Sally Singer, is now Editor in Chief of the magazine.  This caused quite a stir given that she was at Vogue for over 10 years working directly with the infamous Anna Wintour.  Now Sally is busy putting together a staff at T Magazine and recently named anoher former Vogue editor as T’s new fashion director, Michelle Sanders.  Apparently they developed a strong bond as colleagues that has stood the test of time.  The bottom line is that T Magazine is a beautiful, influential, extremely impactful magazine that should be on your short list if yoiu have anything to do with the fashion and beauty industry.

As the staff comes together I’ll be providing more updates.  For now, get to know the magazine if you aren’t familiar with it, peruse its iconic pages and send congrats to Ms. Sanders and a pitch or two.

Sally Singer, Editor in Chief
Michelle Sanders, Fashion Director
T Magazine
620 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY  10018


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