Positioning: PR at its Best

Today I have the honor of attending an “Eco Luncheon” at the headquarters of one of the top fashion magazines.  It’s an honor because my client Coclico was one of only five brands that was invited to attend.  The purpose of the luncheon is to discuss different eco topics including trends in eco fashion and the challenges each designer faces as they strive to be high fashion while being eco responsible.  No small feat indeed.  This is an amazing opportunity to not only meet the magazines’ Editor in Chief and have a lively discussion with other like-minded brand desingers, but it’s a wonderful affirmation of each brand’s status and credibility as responsible brands.

This is also a prime example of the power of PR and proof that the work we are doing to position  and establish Coclico as an eco brand is in fact working.  PR’s sole purpose is to develop messages and positioning that builds credibility and recognition for a company in its industry and the greater market.  If your company is a leader in the industry, if you are an eco company or you have developed proprietary technology…whatever your core message and positioning in the market…make it the goal of your PR program to develop strategies that will reinforce this message/positioning.  The message should be loud and clear in every press release, email pitch, brochure, website, social media page, etc.

More on positioning to come. Now off to NYC!


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