Buzz-Worthy: Nyla Noor

My favorite time of year is coming and I literally can’t wait.  September heralds in not only cooler temps but also the most fashionable season of the year.  From the September issue of Vogue that I always eagerly anticipate to Fashion Week.  So for the rest of this month and into early Fall, I will be featuring all things fashion!!  Case in point, Nyla Noor.  Gorgeous handbags that fit right in with the best looks of the fall season.  Just check out the Mercat Messenger bag above.  No one would ever look at it and think messenger bag given its sleek design, and the best part is that it’s as multifunctional as it is stylish — able to be worn in five different ways (as illustrated above).

And in true Buzz Worthy fashion, the bags have an eco component.  The designers, Romaana and Saifra Zia, make it a point of using a tanning process that is 100% environmentally responsible.  They also use all natural colorants derived from sustainable materials.  Not only that, all of the linings are made from 100% organic fabrics.

As far as marketing, the company is gearing up for Fashion’s Night Out, the biggest shopping event of the year set to take place on September 10.  More to come on how Nyla Noor and others will capitalize on this night of major buzz opportunites for their brands.

Ciao for now!


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