Celebrity Thursday: Jennifer Lopez

As I was thinking of who to profile today, I was amazed to realize that I have never featured Ms. J. Lo.  After all, she was Hollywood’s most sought-after, highest paid actress (yes, it’s true unbelievably) for a few years in early 2000 yet her movies have rarely grossed over $100 million.  Most recently, her star power has dwindled even further with one box office flop after another.  This doesn’t seem to tarnish her shine or attitude though as evidenced by the papps who follow her and the diva reputation she’s earned over the years.  And it’s that diva-tude that just got cost her a spot on American Idol.  Yes, apparently her demands were so outrageous that the Fox Network thought she wasn’t worth the effort.  Oh Well, guess someone else will have to fill Ellen’s empty seat.  Make her feel better by sending her and her cute little twins, Emme and Max, a little something.

Jennifer Lopez
c/o Nanci Ryder
5700 Wilshire Boulevard Suite #550
Los Angeles CA 90036
Phone: 310-550-7776
FAX: 310-550-1701


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