Getting to Know You

For today’s “Back to Basics” Monday I will review the elements of a great bio. A bio is basically everything that you would put in a resume but in an interesting story format.  Think of it as a resume with personality.  A bio is one of those essentials and a key cog in the PR wheel.  It has myriad uses including website, press kit, marketing materials and as part of the package you would send to prospective clients or customers.  It’s also a key piece when pitching a story to the media particularly if you are looking to secure features on yourself and the company.  One of the first things they will ask for is a bio from which they will determine if your background is interesting enough.  And there in lies the challenge.  You have to make your bio sing.  At the end the reader should say to themselves, I want to get to know this person.

One key tip is to make it colorful.  Don’t just list your professional experience and education.  You should add other experiences that, while not directly relevant to your current business or profession, add color to your personality.  For example, one client of mine when to trapeze school — quite an interesting and unknown fact that definitely added color to the bio and told the reader a little more about my client’s personality.  Do you like to race cars?  Put that in there.  Are you an avid cook?  Ditto.  Do you jump out of airplanes for fun?  All great things to add to your bio.

But before you go off on a tangent and talk about all this fun stuff, be sure to include the essential professional elements, such as:
Current job, business or professional experience
Publications or presentations you have completed
Professional memberships you currently hold
Awards, honors and certifications you have received
Your contact information

Samples of great bios in a future Buzz.  And for those who haven’t jumped on the first annual Buzz Holiday Gift Guide, don’t fret.  The  Buzz Holiday Gift Guide will go live on November 15 on the newly revamped Build-A-Buzz site.  It’s going to be an awesome guide. And at $100 it’s one of the best deals of the holiday season!!


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