Happy Friday: Results

Product placement is a specialty of mine especially in the fashion accessories and children’s industry.  Just check out this cool placement above of client Fat Tie Shirts in next month’s issue of BabyTalk magazine.  Glorious.  Then there’s the time I got United Nude on the cover of Wall Street Journal’s European Weekend Edition that was seen by literally millions of people around the globe.  This is what you should strive for in your targeting efforts.  The key is to target the right publications for your particular products.  That may seem obvious but you know how easy it can be to fall into the habit of pitching to every magazine out there in the hopes of coverage.  It’s like throwing darts with no target in sight.

You can hire the right publicist : ) or simply do your homework and learn more about each publication and editor you pitch to.  Pitching tips to come next week.  And if you are interested in an economical product placement package, you know how to reach me.

Ciao for now and enjoy your weekend!


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