The Right Way to Handle Your Own PR


A few weeks back an amazing company in Australia purchased a slew of lists from HandleYourOwnPR and proceeded to conduct its own textbook perfect PR campaign.  They created amazing press materials with a press release, images and fact sheet on the company.  Of course it helps that their product, beach robes for kids, is the kind of product that editors are looking for — fun, stylish, functional and fitting a niche.  So with that winning formula David Goudie, owner of TerryRich, captured the attention of top media and immediately landed a hit (with a little help from me : ), with the national edition of Daily Candy Kids.  Not a bad feat right out of the gate.  Here’s what David has to say about working with the HYOPR lists:

“I’ve become a strong believer in targeted PR like this Marina, especially to get into social media. For little (and busy!) companies like us we need to get new news out quickly and regularly and your PR lists fit the bill. And thanks for your value added tips on our press releases plus your personal intro’s to those big fish like Daily Candy. They posted us already! “

There you go.  You can do the same for your own brands.  Save yourself hours of time trolling through magazines and websites looking for media information.  It’s quite a painful process.  We’ve done all the work for you.  It’s a valuable resource at your fingertips!

Ciao for now!!


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