Need PR Advice? Week’s Worth of PR Advice for Almost Free : )

I’ve shifted gears to focus on my online businesses and to provide valuable PR advice and consulting to small businesses and entrepreneurs on an as-needed basis.  No longer can clients afford to pay large retainers to have PR consultants build their brands.  Today, companies are doing it for themselves and just need some guidance along the way.  This is the wave of the future in PR and marketing.

That is why I am offering an affordable alternative to the traditional PR Retainer model. For just a flat fee of $250 I will provide you with sound advice on whatever PR problem you have or will develop a PR strategy for you.  You will have access to a full week’s worth of PR consulting…on anything and everything you need.  Need a press release? check.  Need a pitch for a particular editor or media outlet. check!  I won’t say no to any request unless of course it requires me to travel long distances! : )  As long as I can communicate with you via email, phone and, actually, will meet with you if you are in the New York area.

As a publicist, PR entrepreneur with over 20 years experience running my own firm and leading accounts at top level agencies in New York City, there’s NOTHING that will stump me in the PR realm.  So, go ahead, give me your best shot!

If you want to contact me directly, email at marina@realmny.com or call me at 917-836-7078.

Look forward to hearing from you!


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