Bordentown is Buzzin’!


Can I just tell you how excited I am to be part of the Bordentown Business Community?!  SbowCase is an irrefutable hit in town and the rest of the town is so abuzz with holiday cheer.  Tonight there are Carriage Rides in town and kettle corn stand, plus lots of other activities. Stores are open late, from the Old Town Book Shop to Sweeties and all the restaurants of course.  If you are a Bordentown resident or are in town from a neighboring hood, hope you are enjoying all of the Christmas Cheer!


And I want to just also offer a prayer to one of our country’s other small towns that right now is doing anything but celebrating.  My heart breaks for the beautiful little souls that were released before their time.  Such unspeakable horror that should never have taken place.  My heart is so broken that I can only speak of it in vague terms.  Let’s gather our spirits and pray for our brothers an sisters in Newtown, CT, as they heal during this unimaginable time of grief.  


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