Introducing The Buzz Pitch Box: SPRING FORWARD!!

When I first started the Buzz the impetus behind it was to help small companies that couldn’t afford a PR agency. In line with this I continue to provide affordable opportunities to gain exposure for your brand. Perfectly aligned with this mission is the BUZZ PITCH BOX! Essentially, it is a box of products that is sent to editors together with a summary of each product/company and a targeted pitch for that particular media outlet.

The Pitch Box’s effectiveness is two fold: One, it gets your product in the hands of the media and encourages them to try your product; Second, it helps them in that they don’t have to go out and search for products to feature. If they like one of the products in the box then they go with it — saving them time and making the Pitch Box a great resource for them.
This Buzz Pitch Box is “Spring Forward”…with the best products for Spring ’17. I’ve already reached out to the Today Show and they are eagerly awaiting the box. Other outlets will include: GMA, Live with Kelly, Ellen, The Talk, Wendy Williams, Rachael Ray, etc. If you’d like your product included in the Pitch Box, it has to pass muster : ). ONLY products that would show well on TV will be considered…think: Innovative beauty products (the hottest new skincare), fashion items, weight loss products, tech gadgets, etc.

Once selected, participation fee of $100 per company will be billed. This covers cost of my time pitching, writing pitch letters, packaging, shipping, etc. Also, if you get on a show, AWESOME; if you don’t, I will provide all the pitch letters, media list, and feedback so you can get something out of the effort. I will also include you in the next Pitch Box (Summer) for free!

Pitch Boxes will be going out second week in March so respond ASAP with why your product is a good fit.

Happy Buzzing!

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