I signed up for your Buildabuzz newsletter recently & love reading it. Thank you for being so kind as to include valuable information such as celeb contact info and all of the valuable information that people usually charge $$ for!

Do you have set prices for your PR services? I would love to get an idea of what this service would run me. I am a bit maxed out doing every aspect of this business that I launched back in May.  From designing the site to shipping the products, its just me.  I’ve had good exposure on some great blogs but nothing yet in print. I would love to focus on getting a mention or one of the products I sell into a parenting magazine.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Stacey Conway

Owner, BlueSky Rocket

Hi Marina,

Discovered your Build a Buzz blog and Love it!!!!  Thanks for doing that.  It is a great resource for small startups like myself that have difficulty finding low cost PR assistance.

Would you have any referrals for PR help for a company such as myself that has little to no budget and no time to continue to do it myself?  Tough question, I know.  This economy is hitting us all!! Ha ha

Best Regards,

Lisa Kanouse, Creative Director

Hello there,

I just want to say thank you for these tips, I love them!

We are just a new company with a lot to offer, everyone loves our business concept and what we do once they have heard about us, but like any business we struggle with getting the word out there.  We would love some more information on your PR work, what you offer and your rates.  Thanks.

Chantelle Adams

Dare To Be Co-Founder



Hi Marina,

My friend Dory Benami told me about your blog and I’ve been a subscriber to the newsletter for a few months now. I have to say its GREAT STUFF! Thank you for generously sharing your knowledge!

I have a question for you… I am in development of a very unique nutritional supplement for enhanced wellbeing. However, what we are developing is very unique and there’s really nothing like it on the market.  Do you know of any firms or people who specialize in PR for the supplement/wellbeing industry?

Any guidance would be much appreciated!

-Yanitz Rubin

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