Twitter Parties are a great way to increase traffic, add email subscribers, promote a new product, engage with customers and most of all enhance sales. Build-A-Buzz is offering a Twitter Plan hosting service where we take care of all the details. For $250 you will get everything from promoting your party beforehand to managing the party on the day of. Below is an outline:

  • Define target audience: If you want to expand outside your niche or enhance within it, we will help target the party to your selected audience.
  • Party Hashtag: We will ensure that your hashtag is unique and memorable. 
  • Develop a topic:  We will help you select a topic that is timely and exciting. We will also develop key message points to communicate during the Twitter party. All messages will of course be honed in line with your product/company’s current message for reinforcement and consistency. 
  • Help Devise Giveaways and Discounts:  Offers are a great way to generate buzz and get more people to jump onto the party. Throughout the party we will select random participants to win various prizes that we will choose beforehand. All participants can also be given a coupon code for a special discount that they can redeem that day or we can give them a week to redeem. To encourage participation we can also offer discounts for everyone who signs up or a special giveaway. 
  • Promotion:  Once the date/time of the party has been confirmed, we will help promote on all social media platforms to maximize participation. We will post on FB, promote on our Twitter page (we have over 2000 followers) and blog all about it. We will also send to bloggers in your category and encourage them to promote and participate as well. 
  • Follow up:  After your party, we will elicit feedback from participants to find out how effective it was and what we can do to improve the next chat.

If you want to take advantage of this great opportunity, please act soon as the offer ends at the end of the month. 

Message me at

Here’s to a great day!!



Hello Buzz Members,

I’m excited that I will be resurrecting Build-A-Buzz….long time coming!  To celebrate I’m offering some PR specials just for you. First I am offering 1 month of PR advice for only $200.  Yes, for $200 you can get press release writing, pitching your products to my contacts and a customized PR strategy you can implement once the 30 days are up.  Also, I am offering my National TV Producers list for only $50. This includes direct emails for producers at Today Show, Rachael Ray, Ellen, Good Morning America and more national syndicated shows.  If you’re interested in either of these offers, email me at

Have a great day!!


The Chocolate Walk is on tonight on Farnsworth Avenue.  All the storefronts and restaurants on Farnsworth are gearing up for the evening’s festivities.  Come on out and you will be treated to not only chocolate but also many will have special drinks to pair with the chocolate.  Um, chocolate and alcohol… a match made in heaven!  I know that Eco Beauty Bar, the new store in town offering all natural beauty products, skincare, artisanal jewelry, etc. (from one of the owners of the ShowCase Holiday shop), will be partnering with Sweet Inspirations  and will have chocolates from The Crafty Diva paired with white or red wines.  They are located two doors down from Jesters at 225 Farnsworth.  I know also that Shoppe 202 has had Chocolate Martinis and I’m sure all the restaurants will have amazing treats for you to sample.  It’s a great time so come on out with your friends and family. 

See you tonight!


Can I just tell you how excited I am to be part of the Bordentown Business Community?!  SbowCase is an irrefutable hit in town and the rest of the town is so abuzz with holiday cheer.  Tonight there are Carriage Rides in town and kettle corn stand, plus lots of other activities. Stores are open late, from the Old Town Book Shop to Sweeties and all the restaurants of course.  If you are a Bordentown resident or are in town from a neighboring hood, hope you are enjoying all of the Christmas Cheer!


And I want to just also offer a prayer to one of our country’s other small towns that right now is doing anything but celebrating.  My heart breaks for the beautiful little souls that were released before their time.  Such unspeakable horror that should never have taken place.  My heart is so broken that I can only speak of it in vague terms.  Let’s gather our spirits and pray for our brothers an sisters in Newtown, CT, as they heal during this unimaginable time of grief.  

Let’s face it, not everyone can afford to hire an agency on a retainer basis and that is why I started Build-A-Buzz in the first place.  I wanted to help companies do their own PR via PR advice, contact information and resources.  I also provide affordable lists via HandleYourOwnPR.

And now I’m taking this concept a step further by offering services that you can choose on an as-needed basis.  Here’s what’s on the menu:

Social Media Release               $500

Online release that links back to your site and is strategically written with keywords to maximize SEO and drive traffic to your site.
Traditional Media Release       $650

Development of traditional media release that is then distributed to key media outlets via email with a tailored pitch.
Media Outreach and Followup    $250/day

Development of a targeted media list followed by creative story angles to match editorial focus of each media outlet.  Follow up is conducted via email and phone.

Custom Media List Development       $300 for 50 contacts

I will customize a media list according to your product/services’ industry and segmented by media category i.e. magazines, newspapers, TV, blogs, etc.

Blog Writing        $100 per article (250-500 words)

Don’t have time to keep your blog posts fresh?  Then I will do it for you.  I will write pithy, interesting, SEO-maxed content that will draw in readers and engage your audience.

If you don’t see what you need on this menu, then get in contact so I can customize a program to match your budget.

Look forward to working with you!

Marina Echavarria


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