Newswire Services: Beware of the Black Hole

I’ve Buzzed many times about the importance of your press release content — everything from your headline at the top, to the boilerplate at the very bottom.  After you have agonized over your release, how do you ensure that it reaches the right audiences and makes an impact?  First, of course, you have your own distribution list culled by using various media resources (including Daily Buzz) and your own research, daily reading of newspapers and magazines, etc.  But if you want to reach an audience beyond your own target list, you have to use one of the myriad newswire services available; so many in fact that it’s hard to figure out which to use.

There are the PR Newswire’s of the world that at at the top in terms of cost and then there’s everything in between including free services.  I’ve tried most of them and I’ve come to rely on only one: PR Underground. It’s the fastest, easiest and most reliable service I’ve ever used.  Honestly, some of the newswires services are so cumbersome to use that I ultimately just give up.  And others, including the so-called free ones, have all of these added charges for uploading an image, adding links, etc.  Plus, how do you know where your release is going?  It could be going into a big black hole for all you know.

At PR Underground the set up is super easy and you actually get an email confirmation from an real person, Mr. Alex Miranda.  It’s quite refreshing. And not only will they send it to all the traditional media channels including Google News, Yahoo, Forbes, and hundreds of other media outlets, they have also perfected the social media release template to link to all of your social media sites.  Here’s what Alex himself says makes PR Underground different (translation: better):

“In creating our social media and distribution template, we
decided to find out what was missing by doing extensive research and incorporating the results into our service.  We mined the social network channels, interviewed clients, trolled forums and discussion boards, sent emails and attended many networking events.  In the process we found out what exactly comprised an effective social media release template and what customers wanted from their news distribution service:  No sign up, less ads, fast and easy submissions, low pricing, customer service and more tools to reach a wider audience.”

They listened and we benefit.  So pick your newswire service wisely.  As a PR veteran of over 20 years, I know how to pick out the good from the bad and my goal is to pass this knowledge on to you — saving you valuable time and money.   Click the image to the right and give them a shot the next time you need to put out a release.

Note: If in the future you abruptly stop receiving your Daily Buzz (without unsubscribing), please sign up again on the http://www.build-a-buzz.com sign up page.  Been hearing about members being “bumped off” and I’m working this glitch out with my service.


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